25 October, 2018

If in former publications we spoke about the special fondness that we have for Biniarroi and the illusion that we have for this project, today we wish to present another of the operations carried out in our law firm, one that we are especially fond of and that showcases our work and dedication to real estate management. This project is none other than the restoration and subsequent sale of the “Sa Fortalesa” estate. 

La Fortaleza, or “Sa Fortalesa” in Mallorcan, is a fortification located in Punta Avanzada, in Puerto de Pollensa. Its origins date back to the XVII, conceived for military purposes to defend the Bay of Pollensa from pirate attacks. This was its main function until the beginning of the XX century, when the Argentinian painter Robert Ramauge took charge of it, reforming it and giving it notable international fame, because many artists and aristocrats from different parts of the world came to experience the mythical festivals in the castle. During this period, the castle was at its most splendid, and it was a reference for painters, sculptors, and artists in general, who came to take advantage of the landscapes, views and light. 

General view of La Fortaleza


During the Spanish Civil War, the Ministry of Air confiscated the property and got rid of the festive and artistic colours, giving it a purely military function, taking advantage of its strategic location on the island. 

After the war, Ramauge fought to get his property back, but not until the 1980s did his heirs manage to do so. This was when the property was sold to a British family, who, represented by Tirso Tarragó, attempted to restore it and make it more presentable following the decadence lived through the many years of war. All its splendour and grandeur were restored, and this was a special refurbishment both because of its result and the investment that went into the project and its duration. 


The Tarragó & Lliteras law firm processed the works and sale documents for this property, and at the time, it was one of the most expensive properties in Spain. It has now become a global news item due to its spectacular nature and for being the place chosen to film the series called The Night Manager’.


Projects like these motivate us to keep working to maintain and improve the patrimony of our land, and help our clients to get the best value for money in all their operations, giving them the benefit of our experience, passion and sector knowledge. 

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