25 October, 2018

We’re new! 

The Tarragó & Lliteras law firm are working hard to be at the forefront in terms of the latest developments in the sector, services to offer and also, communication with our clients. For this, we wish to go one step further by launching our new website, adapting it to our clients’ needs and bringing us closer to the reality of the times that we live in. 

We are aware that Internet presence is more and more important. We need a tailor-made digital hub, both to carry out our day to day professional activities and to contact our clients. Only like this can we coherently showcase the character and philosophy that has represented and made our law firm successful since 1991. 

For this reason, the aim of our new website is the same as the main aim of our law firm: to get close to clients to be able to offer them a personalised service for each case according to their needs. But now in the digital world as well!  

New design, same philosophy. Welcome to the new tarragolliteras.com.

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